Thứ Ba, tháng 4 26, 2005

Streets of BinhDuong

During First Full Moon ( Ram Thang Gieng ) Ceremony, BinhDuong downtown is full of people from ... everywhere in VietNam.People bringing gifs to Buddhish tempels for worshipping The Buddha, making fun with crazy music along the streets...
Many empty spaces on sidewalks suddenly become places for once-a-year small eathouses or making candy ...

Vietnamese caligraphy
Handheld shooting, fuji Superia 400, Polarizer.

Blind lottery-seller
She stood in a row with many other handicapted people before the entrance of a Buddhist temple, earning a living for herself ...

Taking gifts to the temple

Imitating crazy music for Dragon Dance

Making candy ( Com ) along the streets

Making candy


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