Thứ Ba, tháng 3 14, 2006

Some days in Sydney

Regent Park

Althought I am still not a ... liberated person, in the sense of having a job, some money in my jacket and some friends for spending a wonderful time in Sydney, I try to enjoy as much as I could some days in Sydney ...
Most of these fotos were taken with a small Sony Digital camera, not the usual OM2 Olympus.

Giant "Phở" in Sydney.
It is ... amazing seeing a Giant "Phở" in Sydney ! It is a huge bowl of Vietnamese "Phở" and it costs 7 Australish Dollar !
And it is very delicious !
In Netherland, to eat a "real" Chinese "Mì" I have to go to Amsterdam, and it costs 28 Euro for a return train ticket. And a Chinese "Mì" costs 7 Euro but it is only a half of Vietnamese "Phở" in Sydney !
That is 35 Euro or 70 Australish Dollar to take a Chinese "Mì" in Amsterdam.
And after using a Chinese "Mì" , I still want to take something more ...
And I cannot finish my job of using a whole giant "Phở" in Sydney !

Open market.
Here in the open market, you could find people from ... everywhere in the world ...
These people are probably from somewhere in South America.

Next train !
Surprisingly, people from railway station are still setting scheduled time for next train by ... hand !

Afternoon in Regent Park
Magnificient yellow sun light in the afternoon.

Drs Ngừời Bình Dương in Sydney

Vietnamese shops in Sydney

Railway Station

Behind the door ...

Wayout Regent Park


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