Chủ Nhật, tháng 10 16, 2005

Summer 2005

Strike in Amsterdam
It is a general strike from cleaners in Amsterdam, taken during Sail-2005.
It is ugly ! It is crazy and it is sometimes also ... necessary !
Many people ( mostly tourists ) were taken very surprised seeing "The Other Side" of Amsterdam. Some people even found something ... interesting in the rubbish ...

Dong got her first diploma at University of Technology Enchede, the Netherland, faculty of Bio-medical Technology.

In Vietnamese, it is the diploma of "Du Bi Dai Hoc" of old-fashioned study in my time, years ago. Such a diploma does no longer exist in VietNam, in the USA , in Australia and many other country . It is the hardest time in many study years ahead I believe ...


Although many fruits are imported from elsewhere in the world today, there are still many garden in The Netherlands ...

Book market

In the begining of August every years, there is a book-market along the Ijssel river in Deventer. Along kilometers of Deventer streets, salers comming from everywhere in Europe, and we could find all kind of books : old, new, and ( almost ) every subjects ...
About 150 thousands people in Europe comming to Deventer every year for this particular event ...
Very bad weather this year ...

Sunday afternoon in Deventer.
Exept some eathouses, all shops are closed in Sunday ...

Colors of Summer.
Behind the railway is Deventer Church, at far distance ...

Colors of Summer
Deventer at the other side of The Ijssel river.

Colors of Summer.
Summer day, along the Ijjsel Dyke

Sail 2005
Sail 2005 is perhaps the biggest Sail-event in the world today !
Sail-boats comming from many parts in the world to show their beauty in Amsterdam.
Even Indonesia, Malaysia, Burma ... from Asia are also present !

A day out in country side
Taken in the country road somewhere between Deventer and Wassen ...


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