Thứ Bảy, tháng 1 22, 2005

Flash Back, new year 2004.

New Year Sight 2004 .
Every where is ... melons ...
And every body needs ... melons ...
Handheld shooting in BinhDuong market, VietNam.
Polarizer, Fuji sensia 100Asa.

Flower Market 2004 , riverside.
Shooting with tripod in BinhDuong downtown, VietNam.
F16, polarizer, Fuji Sensia 100Asa.

Would you like some ?, 2004.
Banh Tet.
Very familiar food for every Vietnamese !
Modern way of selling, by byke.
Handheld shooting in Chua Ba, BinhDuong downtown, VietNam.

Little girl, little hawkers, 2004.
In VietNam, still many children could not to school ...
It seems this little girl and her whole gang of sister-brothers
are busy with running this little restaurant ...
Shooting handheld in BinhDuong market, VietNam.


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